How do you remove the stump(s)?

Oatman Stump Removal is based on grinding the stumps down using one of two machines seen on the Home Page. Most of the time some of the stump will still remain, but by adding black dirt to the area that was ground, it should look like the stump was never there.

Frequently asked Questions


What does it cost?

Because all stumps are different, and many people wonder about the root flare, roots, or they have a very oblong stump, the price might be difficult to determine. The cost  will be agreed upon before scheduling the work. At no time will the price change without your knowledge, there are no surprises with the cost. Sales tax, by law, will be the only charge above the agreed upon price. No travel or fuel add-on fees.

Do you have payment options?

Yes, we accept cash, checks,  There will be no surprises with the cost.

What should be done before you arrive.

Here is a handy check list:

O  1. If underground utilities are present, call Diggers Hotline, (From a cell dial 811, from a landline dial 1-800-242-8511), it is a simple free service that protects people and the utilities. Diggers Hotline will not mark sprinkler systems, propane lines, or any utilities that the home owner has put underground themselves like a power wire going to a garage or a shed.

If unsure, please make the call.

O  2. Is the stump cut as low as possible? The more of the stump that is exposed, the more grindings they will be to clean up. The lower the better.

3. Is the stump and the area around the stump clean of debris or rocks that could damage surrounding structures or cause damage to the machinery?